Water Slides

These water slides are the kings of warm weather parties and will keep your guest laughing and yelling with excitement for hours!

Must Read Notice
You are responsible for making sure the area is large enough to accommodate the equipment. If we deliver it and it does not fit you will still be charged full price! Remember the dimensions given are the size of the equipment but you need at least 5ft around the given measurements for a safe operating space!
The area must be near level with no DOG POOP , rocks, sand, or bare dirt exposed. If the slide is going up a slight incline it’s not going to be as fun or work properly!
You MUST have good water pressure at the spicket, specially for the taller slides!
No boogie boards or other hard objects on the slides because they cause damage and you will be charged!
Any kind of water slide can be dangerous and must be supervised by an adult!

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