Giant Movie Screen

Our 24ft. giant inflatable movie screen comes with high-quality projector and sound system! These are the best outdoor movie systems available and can accommodate a crowd up to 750 people.

We can use our loud high-quality tripod speakers with a subwoofer or connect our Drive-In FM transmitter that delivers the sound directly to your car stereo or both!

Movies can be played through a downloaded iPod or laptop or the connected DVD / Blu-ray player. Movie times should not be scheduled earlier than sunset as these projectors and screens are not good for daylight viewing.

Just like an outdoor music performance this is top of the line very expensive equipment and cannot be used in the rain!

It can also be used to host Drive-In movie and the sound can connect to your car speakers.

This movie package comes with one supervising attendant the entire time.


$900 for Full Drive-In Movie Package

$850 without FM Transmitter (Sound Goes Directly To Car)

$700 Private Backyard Party


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